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The Cluster - A service orientated print and media industry network

Cluster Print and Print Media was founded by the State of Bavaria within the "Allianz Bayern Innovative" initiative. It is a moderated network for businesses involved in the print and media industry in Bavaria, supported by research and distinguished companies and suppliers of that industry.

Aims of the Cluster

Targeted networking forms the basis for existing knowledge, know-how and competences within the corporation which allows them to extended and therefore to overall improve the performances of all companies involved.  This enables Innovation and a strengthened competitive advantage to be gained for the print and media industry in Bavaria.

Integrating all partners that contribute to the value- added process will result in particularly qualified solutions for business- or industry related problems. Additionally, topics that are relevant to the future will be allowed to take centre stage.

    The aims are:

    • To strengthening the print- and media industry's competitiveness by targeted networking with suppliers, universities and research bodies.
    • Utilising the results of work groups corporations to strengthen the competitiveness of all parties involved.
    • Supporting companies in the print and media industry with their innovation processes
    • Increasing innovation capabilities of partners through corporations that are in the fields of marketing, training, research and technics
    • The installation and maintenance of a company compass for targeted partner searches
    • To win further competence- and decision makers for projects and further job training within companies and institutes 
    • Cluster management is an important partner for the development and planning of a Bavarian Technology- and Innovation facilitation, as well as for the location's politics.

    Target groups

    Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) find it particularly difficult to develop their own research and developmental competences as well as internationalising or entering new fields of business. 

    • SMEs (Small and medium sized enterprises)

    › Print offices, publishing houses, agencies, pre press companies, etc…

    • Suppliers

    › Machine manufacturers
    › Colour manufacturers
    › Commodities suppliers (Wood, chemicals, etc…)
    › Paper manufacturers
    › Foil manufacturers
    › General printing carrier manufacturers
    › Software manufacturers

    • Companies, institutes and founders of new businesses in the print and media industry, mainly from Bavaria
    • Universities, research institutes and further bodies of education, focusing on  „print and media technologies“